LETSGROWMORE is a community of diverse people coming together with similar objectives and ultimate goals. LETS GROW MORE deep downed its roots at the very beginning of this year as a result of an idea that was brought up to be real by the Founder of LETSGROWMORE — AMAN KESARWANI.

My experience with LGMVIP’21

My experience with LGMVIP’21 was a fruitful one. I contributed to 2projects in which I contributed to DATA SCIENCE issues and successfully made it run. Mentors guide us wherever we go wrong and tells us every time how to make the best out of it. I also learned about different issues which helped me to understand admin and mentor our issues. It was truly a great experience to contribute to the Project.

I contributed to:

  1. Image to Pencil Sketch with Python

2. Exploratory Data Analysis on Dataset — Terrorism

I would like to thank LGM VIP core team members for arranging such an amazing 1 monthly internship.

Currently, I am doing the Data Science Internship under the LGM-VIP Program. And I look forward to more opportunities from LetsGrowMore in the future.

For more details, you can refer to their website: and